Brent Patmos


Pheonix, AZ 85018
United States

Brent is the founder and President of Perpetual Development, Inc., an organizational performance company serving the exclusive needs of privately held and family-owned business leaders. Based on his 29 years of experience; he guides clients in eliminating unnecessary complexities and aligning their organizations around performance and results through an executable strategy and process that is measurable. Acknowledged as a leading authority on transforming the performance of people and companies, clients describe him as a “masterful advisor and communicator who works with absolute trust, precision, clarity and understanding.” As part of The Complete Leader faculty, Brent’s emphasis will be on helping leaders develop and evolve clear thinking skills.

He is a member of the International Faculty for Target Training International, author, Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and a Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary International. Brent and his wife Trudy live in Phoenix, Arizona.


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