Continuous Learning

Definition: Taking initiative in learning and implementing new concepts, technologies and/or methods.

Continuous learning is the desire to continually improve your skillset by gathering new knowledge. Those who aspire to continuous learning naturally take the initiative to learn and implement new ideas. They understand that there is always more to know, and have a practical commitment to increasing aptitude. Tomorrow’s leaders must embrace continuous learning as both a personal and an organizational value in order to create a culture of growth and competitiveness. In this section, you will discover techniques to help pique and sustain your interest in continuous learning.

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Brainstorm Sessions Are Great. But What Comes Next is What Really Matters

| Sep 30, 2021

There is nothing quite as energizing as a well-run brainstorming session. When I work with clients on innovation projects, the Ideation stage is one of my favor

Prepare Employees to Look to the Future

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Sep 2, 2021

Without imagination, innovation stalls in the present. Futuristic thinking is a critical skill for everyone—business owners, leaders, veteran team members, an

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Leading Yourself: Managing Your Time

| Mar 11, 2021

A critical aspect of Leading Yourself is managing your time, starting with the first minutes of each day. In this episode, host Dale Dixon and TCL author Ron Price discuss the stages of leadership and the skills to focus on at each stage.

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Blind Spots? Not Me!

By Ron Price | Mar 4, 2021

Do you have someone in your life who drives you crazy? At least, some of the time? I suspect we all do. Quite often, the thing that frustrates us is that we see

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Take Charge of Your Learning

By Ron Price | Feb 5, 2021

This was advice I received from one of my mentors back in the ‘90s. He said, “As soon as I think I have learned something, I discover I haven’t learned en

How Can Challenges Inspire You To Think Differently

| Dec 2, 2020

When I was in graduate school for my doctoral degree, I submitted a paper to a well-respected professor. Afterward, he asked to meet and inquired whether Englis

7 Powerful Results of Nuturing Innovation

| Nov 23, 2020

In my work, I hear a lot of reasons why people don't engage in innovation: "That's not part of my job description." "I'm not and idea person." "Innovation doesn

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The 4 Properties of Effective Business Experiments

By Dr. Evans Baiya | Oct 8, 2020

Any business that is looking to launch new offerings, improve processes and solutions, or simply grow should be running experiments.

Communications Checklist For Virtual Leaders

| Sep 18, 2020

Virtual leadership is now an essential skill as a result of living through the pandemic. Recent announcements by large tech companies such as Google and Salesfo

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Paddle Toward Your Vision

By Jalene Case | Aug 27, 2020

Our responsibilities can toss us around like we’re rafting through white-water rapids without a paddle. Our direction feels like it’s utterly controlled by

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Creating Better Learning Experiences During COVID

By Ron Price | Aug 14, 2020

These are such interesting times! Of course, when we look at the human challenges and suffering, we hope it is a “once in a century” period of turmoil.

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What Are You Missing When You’re Paying Attention?

By Dr. Francis Eberle | Jul 23, 2020

Recently I came across a familiar video I had not seen in a while. It has two teams, one in black shirts and the other in white shirts, passing basketballs to e