Jalene Case

How to Move Forward, Especially When You Don’t Feel Like It

By Jalene Case | Oct 28, 2021

Behaviors move you closer to what you want. We all know this. But what happens when you don’t feel like doing the thing that you promised yourself you’d do?

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How Are You Showing Up?

By Jalene Case | Sep 9, 2021

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” You’ve no doubt heard this popular quote by Woody Allen. But I would add that how you show up matters.

You Don’t Have to Write All Your Goals

By Jalene Case | Aug 12, 2021

In my 20s, a dental hygienist said to me, “You don’t have to floss all your teeth.” I said, “Great!” Then she landed the one-two punch with, “You on

Allow Your Wild & Wonderful Wants to Bloom

By Jalene Case | Jun 18, 2021

What do you want? This question is simple on the surface but the answers to it can sculpt your life, define your goals, and bring a myriad of emotions from frus

How an Inner Foundation Can Keep You On-Track

By Jalene Case | May 13, 2021

Life bumped me off-track recently. I needed to catch-up with myself, to remind myself of what matters, to ground myself in who I want to be and how I want to sh

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Uncontrolled Outbursts Can Lead to Growth

By Jalene Case | Apr 15, 2021

One of my clients recently erupted at a coworker when she discovered that confidential information was shared. Normally, she would have calmed down and schedule

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How to Choose Between “Want” and “Should”

By Jalene Case | Feb 24, 2021

Doing what we want to do brings fulfillment and joy. On the other hand, doing what we think we should do can bring discomfort and confusion. The tricky thing is

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Why Less is More When It Comes to Goals

By Jalene Case | Jan 14, 2021

Envisioning a magical scenario in which you’re doing everything you want to is exhilarating, in the beginning. However, adding a dose of realism can give you

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Create a Goal System that Works for You

By Jalene Case | Dec 10, 2020

Simply setting a goal and expecting to reach it is a recipe for ongoing angst. A goal you truly desire to achieve needs a solid foundation, stepping stones, and

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5 Tips to Habits that Fit Your Life Now

By Jalene Case | Nov 19, 2020

Positive habits result in a sweet sense of satisfaction. Are your habits doing that for you? If not, it might be time to strengthen the routines you want to kee

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What’s in Your Self-Resource Toolbox?

By Jalene Case | Oct 14, 2020

“We have exceeded our surge capacity,” is a phrase I heard recently from Jennifer Louden. I thought, “Yes! That’s what it feels like! My inner surge pro

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Move from Blocking to Supporting Yourself

By Jalene Case | Sep 24, 2020

“I’m my own worst enemy!” Have you ever said this or heard a friend or colleague say it?